Big seed experiment chapter #3 – First seedlings

The point of every comparison experiment is to create very similar conditions for the compared subjects and to perform the testing in those conditions. But with seeds, it is a very different story than with inanimate things. They are like little children, needing everyday rigorous care. And they can die easily if you do not keep constant impeccable conditions. Although most of the tested seed proved very viable and error tolerable in past times, we decided to take no chances, so we prepared three different testing environments.

Mini hotbeds

Seeds experiment - day 1, hotbeds

We used mini hotbeds for tomatoes and peppers. Those seeds usually need pre-growing and those mini hotbeds provide the best conditions for the seedlings.

Coconut capsules

Seed experiment day 1

The second set of the tomato/pepper seeds was planted into the coconut capsules. They keep moisture for a long time and provide a very good environment for seeds.

Directly to the soil

Raddish and carrot seeds we planted directly into the soil because they do not need pre-growing and they would not survive replanting.

10 days

After 10 days, first seedlings already appeared in both pre-grow environments and started to grow. The first photos show, that many of the local seedlings are already seen. Their Chinese counterparts are still mostly dormant, only a few seedlings visible.

Seeds experiment day 10 - coconut capsules
Upper capsules local, lower Chinese

Directly to the soil we put only radishes yet and no signs of growing yet. It is too early to expect to see some seedlings. In addition, the temperatures have been very low in the last days.

20 days

After 20 days it starts to be clear, which seeds will grow and which will not. We did not lose hope for those guys who did not appear yet, but I do not give them much chance anymore.

In the hotbeds environment, even the Chinese plants started to show up and a getting stronger, however not as many as in local seed box.

Seeds experiment day 20 - radishes
Upper bed local, lower Chinese

In the coconut capsules, the look on the bowl with seeds from China is much sadder. Only 2 tomato seedlings began to grow yet and one pepper starts to appear from the soil.

Seeds experiment day 20 - coconut seeds
Lower capsules local, upper Chinese

On the outside bed, the line of local radishes starts to be green, while the line of radishes from China cannot be called a line (yet), as only one seedling is visible. Both of those are a multicolour mix of seeds.

Seeds experiment day 20 - radishes
Lower “line” is from Chinese seeds

So far, the local seeds are much more successful (as we somehow expected), but we are still at the beginning. Stay tuned for the next chapters and subscribe, if you want to receive information about new content.

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