Lazy gardener – Germinating seeds. The proper and the Chinese way.


Radish is one of the most rewarding vegetables in your garden. You can put them in the soil already in the middle of February if you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse. Otherwise, you can start planting at the beginning of March and get the result already in 3-4 weeks, depending on specific variety.

Although radish does not need a special way of germinating and can be put directly in the soil, you can help it to germinate faster. So what is the trick?

If you are like me, waiting desperately for the first signs of spring after a long winter, and cannot wait to put first seeds into the beds, here is the way how to get your first radinshes earlier than your nighbour.

Trick #1 – Cover your beds

If you do not have a greenhouse or hotbed, cover your beds with black foil at the end of February. It will help to warm up the soil during sunny days and if the weather is good, you can start sowing in one or two weeks.

Trick #2 – Let them start indoors

In the temperatures around 10°C (50°F), it takes about 2 weeks for a radish to germinate. You can help the seeds to germinate faster by letting them soak in lukewarm water for 24 hours in the room temperature of 20°C (70°F). If you want to help your seeds further at the start, you can soak them in the infusion of horsetail and chamomile, which will act as a disease preventer. Both water and herb infusion need to be changed at least twice during those 24 hours.

If you start early, you can have first fresh vitamins in late March

After soaking, put them into the soil, in the rows, some 4 centimetres far form each other, so they have enough space to grow big.

And what Chinese say about growing radishes?

Hi warm climate. Strict requirements on the soil, but well-drained sandy soil cultivated good clip, when live, with Ren Chufen water mixed with ashes mixed, then sow the seeds uniformly gray, slightly Gaiyan seed, practical and irrigated, Usually when the temperature 15-20 degrees, 10-15 days to emergency.  


Carrot can be planted in autumn already to get early results.

My second favourite vegetable. It is possible with some varieties to put them into the soil already in autumn, so the first orange roots you can have by late April. This could be very useful if your garden becomes one of the only sources of your food.

Carrot seeds can be germinated in the same manner as radishes, only they need a longer soaking period of 3 days. Be sure you change the water regularly, at least twice a day. Those seeds can go to the soil usually in the middle of March. And now my tricks for carrots:

Trick #1 – Start in autumn already

If you want to have your first carrots in April, you can put the seeds of early carrot varieties into the soil just before the first frost comes in the autumn. In this case, do not soak the seeds and sow them dry.

Trick #2 – Create a littel mound for you carrots

If your carrots are weak and roots deformed, the main reason is your soil is too firm. When you create an elevated row that would be some 15 cm above the rest of the bed, the roots will have more space to grow and become strong.

And what is the recommendation from the Chinese seller of carrot seeds?

Breeding propagation occurs in the fall and germinates neatly at 21-30°C. Production in the production of more than sowing, spring and autumn can be broadcast, spring sowing in March, but the spring season after the growth of positive summer, affected by high temperature and heat, can cause some varieties do not grow or flowering plants, the proportion of short spikes, poor viewing effect. Under natural conditions, sowing in spring is better than spring sowing and it is growing well. It is planted from mid-October to mid-October and the season is from April to June. 72-hole or 128-hole plug-in on-demand coverage. The nursery soil should be loose and even, breathable and water-retaining, and the special nursery soil or the peat soil and perlite should be used as a mixture.  larger, common or coated, about 40/g. The germination temperature is about 25°C to ensure that the medium is moist and the germinate in 7 to 10 days. The germination rate is high.

Nailed it!


Planting roses form seeds requires great care

Roses are difficult to grow from seeds, as those seeds need stratification. You need to start in the autumn already if you want to have the first plants next year. Rose seeds, if put directly into the soil, will only germinate after 18 months and the germination will be very low. So, needs to be done?

Put the seeds into the container with wet, sharp sand or fine gravel and cover them completely. Keep the container in the temperatures around 20°C (70°F) for 2 months. Keep it moist all the time. Then, keep it for 3 months in the temperatures around 0°C (34°F) for another 3 months. They can even stay in the frost, but in this case, the time period needs to be shorter.

At the beginning of spring, wash the seeds in the water, sow into the container with seed substrate and cover with thin layer of sand. After the first leaves will show up, move the plants into othe separate pots.

Planting roses form seeds, if you have no previous experience is rather difficult and the journey is full of trial and error. The method described above gave me by far the best results, but still only some 30-40% seeds germinated. So my advice final advice is – start with more seeds then you originally intended.

And what does Chinese seller tells about the rose seeds he sells?

Germination methods: 
Use a thicker tissue, after the wet will not rot,Prepare a closed box with a layer of wet wipes on the bottom of the box to wet the wetted seeds, dry the soaked seeds on a tissue, cover the tissues with a layer of paper towel, wet and then seal on dark and warm Place, under normal circumstances about 7-15 days budding. 
Why seed germination:
Can speed up the seed germination, seed germination requires adequate moisture, air and the appropriate temperature. You can filter out the non-budding seeds, so potted seeds grow more neat and beautiful

Not a word about frost. For our Big Chinese seed experiment, I prepared and stratified some seeds ordered last year, so hopefully will see some results this year.

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